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We hope that this handy pocket print elf will enable you to express your unique creativity, be it for work, study, travel, arts and craft projects or just for fun!

Print out a love note, errands, reminders, artwork, recipes and more! Pick from a variety of paper for any occasion!

The good life is so simple, sometimes it’s as simple as putting your Paperang into your pocket and print on the go.

Most importantly have fun!



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YOU'RE happiness is OUR PRIORITY

We believe that give the best service to our costumers is our priority for this if you purchase your printer from us you are sure to have:

✔️Warranty of one year!

✔️Dedicated Paperang support service!

✔️The original Paperang and the right Paper for don't damage your printer!

We can't give you this service if you buy the printer from other sellers, if you want to stay safe the right choice is get your Paperang from here!

Buy with confidence from our store we'll take care of the rest!❤

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Things have evolved a great deal, and all thanks to science, we don't have to climb great heights to get things printed. Engaging thermal printers,...
PAPERANG P1 The cutest printer review

PAPERANG P1 The cutest printer review

Review by a fan that use and love Paperang to Journal & Scrapbooking! The pros and cons of the cutest thermal printer! And a special Paperang bundle at the end of the article!


I purchased this little print to embellish my mini albums and my diary. I must say that I fell in love with it. It's small, light, good print and it's beautiful.

Lindsay Harris

Very nice how it print the photos, it was just a little small than expected, but meets nicely job. The app PAPERANG brings nice printable options. Arrived in less than a month.

Mackenzie Hilll

Easy to work with. It's fun to use! You can take notes and print them, i use it to make these drawing and my mum use it to make the shopping list.

Ross Hansen