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PAPERANG P1 The cutest printer review

This article is written by a fan of PAPERANGPRINT™

I’ve been eager to have my very own moveable printer since I’m doing plenty of Journaling and Scrapbooking. Then came the moment cameras and mobile exposure printers that I found terribly attention-grabbing and fun. however maintaining it's a small amount valuable and that i don’t wish to pay a lot of on it, honestly. I mean, simply print it with a daily printer and World Health Organization cares anyway if you’re printing it instantly or if it’s taking you days before having a physical copy.

Do Paperang print-outs last? for a way long? I accustomed print pictures and quotes and memos with my Paperang printer. And one factor as expected, thermal printers – generally, notwithstanding the whole – don't last for long. But thanks to the new model of paper that paperangprint.com sells you can stay without worry!

How i've found Paperang printer?
I saw this mini printer in an internet searching app, and that i thought, “ah! I found my printer at last!”
I’ve been exploitation this for 2 months already and that i still am happy concerning it. However in fact, any item or product has its execs and cons.


  • I am a lover of colored, and monochromes photos. Maybe, i like to much plus black and white photos, for this i think is a one of the pros, but generally people are expecting more from colored photos. But remember, if you prefer colored photos, expect a much higher cost for printers and refills.
  • Photo printing isn't that clear enough, however you'll find all different sorts of thermal paper to try print better your photos from paperangprint.com
  • UPDATE: Sometimes the Bluetooth connection isn't operating. Maybe the problem it's my iPhone. It's more easier connecting with my Huawei (Android) device.
  • UPDATE: you need to have a registered account before you'll connect with the printer. tho' registration is free, it’s still somehow a “hassle” as a result of you'll solely use one account and one device for time. So yes, whenever I change the phone(iphone/android), i need to re-log in once more.


  • It’s super portable. In fact, with the dimensions of three.27 x 3.27 x 1.77 inch, weighing 0.204 kg, you'll simply place it in your pocket and print away anytime.
  • It uses Bluetooth technology, and is compatible to each Android and IOS devices. You can try the app without buying the printer hereAndroid | IOS
  • So far, battery life is great! It's 1000mAh reversible lithium-ion battery which will last for max twenty four hours. Charging time is less of one hour.
  • Printed texts area unit of nice quality. therefore it's a good printer for your memorandum, notes, lists, labels, etc.
  • It’s cheaper than the coloured printers (of course), and thermal papers refill are muuuuch muuuuch additional cheaper than the colored ones.

So far, I am enjoying my new toy, especially I have lots of thermal paper rolls ready to be printed! Thank's at paperangprint.com for a very convenient way to have this. The printers is actually on sale today!

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