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We had the idea to create Paperang because we love taking pictures when we travel and we like to keep a photo book where we collect all the experiences we have, we used polaroids at the beginning but the refills are expensive then we had this idea to create a printer without ink and eonomic refills that was not useful only to us but help all the people who love to take pictures and want to share happy moments impressed on a piece of paper with the people they love.


The Paperang printer was created for all creative people who like to take pictures and take note of everything they want with a simple click.


The invention was inspired by the polaroid, we initially thought to use the ink in our printers but since we knew that the refills would have cost too much, one day thinking about it we were inspired to create paperangs without ink so that people don't had to pay the expensive recharges like Polaroid, so we used thermal printing.


Thermal Print is cheap because it does not use cartridges, we have improved the paper to allow the ink to remain imprinted for a long time, it's portable and with a roll you make 100 prints at a price for really low roll.


Here's how it was designed, we are a team of young startuppers and we are honored to make our invention available to the public.


We hope you enjoy it.